Center Parcs

Me and my family recently took a weekend trip to Center Parcs Sherwood, I absolutely LOVE Center Parcs holidays, and have done since I was very little. 

We woke up super early – to this lovely sunrise – and headed for a maccies brekky, obviously. Me and my boyfriend wanted to get there early and make  the most of our day, as he’d never been before. 

When we got there we had a walk around and ended up going for a drink, whilst we waited for the rest of the family. As you can see we both just sat taking pictures of each other for a good hour, testing out portrait mode on our phones – which is pretty cool. 

Later on after having an hour photoshoot with each other testing portrait mode, we met up with the family, and the dogs. We went for a walk and a bit of an adventure to find our little villa for the weekend. 

Playing with portrait mode AGAIN, we got some nice pictures finally. We chilled for the afternoon, testing out iPhone lenses and taking pictures through the park on our walk, 12,000 steps were done that day!!

We went for food, went swimming, went for long walks and played badminton, it was a busy fun packed weekend. We all had the best time.

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