Online Shopping- The Best Places?

Everyone lovessss shopping, right? But it’s always soooo easy to get out your phone or laptop and shop online, which is definitely my guilty pleasure.. and also why I’m always skint!!

Looking for different/new places to shop online? Keep reading to find out about some of the BEST places to shop online.. (RIP Bank Account)…

Pretty Little Thing-

By FAR one of my favourite places to shop.. I used to always be a Topshop girl, but PLL is definitely more me now. The best thing is, the prices are so reasonable and I can actually afford to by clothes..occasionally. If you like plain clothing, or cool/quirky, then its the place for you, everything that you could ever want is on here. Pretty Little Thing is great for the clothing, however, they ALWAYS have sales or discounts on, and what more could you want??? Whatever is trending at the moment, they will advertise, you can find a style for you and see what other people have been wearing on the ‘Instagram Style’ section. One thing I love is being nosey at what other people are wearing, thats how I get my inspiration and fashion ideas, which I love to share with others too. If you’re wanting great fashion, at cheaper prices than what Topshop or River Island price their clothes at, then Pretty Little Thing is the place for you! *Praying they turn it into an actual shop soon*.



If i’m being honest.. I’ve never really shopped on Missguided, but I know that it is another website a bit like Pretty Little Thing, good prices, great clothes, and great discounts…ALL OF THE TIME. Again, Missguided is also great for outfit/fashion inspo, there are posts on the website that show you how to ‘rock’ a certain look, or how you can mix and match different outfits. Theres always a nice feeling as well when the website looks inviting, the warm pinks and the model showing off the clothes that you are able to buy just makes it even more tempting to buy!! Missguided now has a shop in London and I’m dying to go!!



Zara is a very different fashion to the previous two, the clothing is very ‘out there’, not all of it is simple and easy. It is again a really affordable place to shop, and if you’ve ever been in Zara Nottingham, then you’ll know why everyone loves it so much. Zara is a place for everyone to shop, all different styles, tastes and prices, and I think thats great for different and diverse people. There is also a ‘Mens’ section, so there literally is something for everyone! I personally would rather go into a Zara shop than looking online, because normally when you shop online you’re looking for very specific things, however, I just love to browse through Zara shops and pick up what I think I need, ‘think’ meaning, I like it and want it but I don’t actually NEED it.



Topshop will always have a place in my heart, its a great place to get them bits that you can’t get anywhere else, Topshop are REALLY caught up with the trends and styles and you’ll never NOT spend anymore in or online at Topshop. I must admit, they are very specific items of clothing, and will only be for a certain style of people, but not only do they do great clothes, the jewellery is amazinnnn’, their rings, earrings, necklaces.. you can’t go wrong with anything from there! The price is normally what puts people off, if you have the money, then its a great place to find great quality clothing.

It’s been a long time writing on here, but I had a total refresh of my whole blog and now I’m back! Everything you see from now on is ‘me’ and you can now see my personality and get to know a bit more about me and what I like as well as me helping you with fashion, beauty, travel, photography.. and more, I’m sure!

I hope you enjoyed xxx

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